Konsten att tvätta bilmattor

Hur får man rent bilmattor

”Jag har rent utsagt genomskitiga bilmattor i min saab. hur får man dom rena? ni brukar ha tips!”



Absolut. Det finns två enkla sätt – antingen skrubbar du med textilshampo och borste om det går att få bort med denna metod. Ett annat alternativ är att lägga in dom i tvättmaskinen med en dos valfritt fläckborttagningsmedel. Se dock till att bilmattorna tål detta men det brukar dom i regel göra!

Konsten att tvätta bilmattor
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Alexis 2015-07-13 | 16:35

Johanna Fredin skriver:Tack ff6r tpseit!Har precis ge5tt och funderat pe5 att skaffa ett.Nu har jag precis beste4llt ett: WACOM BAMBOO PEN & TOUCH SMALL USB ff6r 823:-.///Johanna

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Why the f should Conde be purged from the team? He’s a quality player in MLS, and played pretty well while not injured. And he was right. Henry and Marquez needed to step up more and assume leadership roles. Marquez is an f’n joke that should be shipped out immediately, he deserves no respect. Henry mailed it in over the last two games. His lack of heart in that last game was visible in plain sight. His form was ice cold. I want to see Conde kept and the players kiss and make up. No reason to throw out good players.